Alchem Incorporated is a manufacturer of parts and customizable finished products. We supply the crossbow and sport fencing communities. Our crossbow pages include parts used by builders of crossbows and some completed crossbows of traditional designs. Our sport fencing pages include parts and complete equipment used by practitioners of historical European and Eastern martial arts.

Many parts are complete and available for immediate shipment. Items with options require assembly which can take from two weeks to several months depending on availability of parts and the complexity of the product. If you require a product by a certain date, please contact us via e-mail prior to ordering. Most products can be rushed when necessary.

Customizations may be as simple as switching a component from one item to another or may require one or more new parts to be cut, machined, forged, and possibly heat treated. In the former case there is usually no extra charge or delay. In the latter case there will often be a charge for the extra work and usually a delay while outside shops complete their portion of the work. When outside work is required, custom orders can require six or more months. For custom work please contact us via e-mail with your requirements and we’ll quote any extra charges and a rough estimate of any extra production time which may be involved.