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The above photo depicts our Norse hilt with a Wheeler type "VII" pommel, a 4 3/4 inch SCA rebated steel length hard wood grip, and an overall hilt length of 6 5/8 inches. These hilts can be mounted on several blade types depending on intended use. This hilt is mounted on a HEMA or SCA rebated steel combat blade with a 20 millimeter round blunt tip. As with all of our products the grip and blade lengths can vary according to the customer's needs. When ordering please choose the blade type, length, flexible or stiff, and any tip requirements. During final check out PayPal usually provides a comments to seller box where customer requirements can be listed. If this box does not appear or is overlooked, simply send us a follow up e-mail with your requirements. It is also helpful if you let us know if this will be used for HEMA, SCA, or some other organization.

Prices are as follows.:
  • Hilt with Alchem flexible wide flat tang blade 32" to 40" (any finish) $250 US ($240 foreign) 2.5pounds = 1.09kgs
  • Hilt with Alchem flexible light broadsword blade 32" to 36" (any finish) $250 US ($240 foreign) 2.5pounds = 1.09kgs
  • Hilt with Alchem stiff 20mm round tip flat tang blade 29" to 33" (any finish) $250 US ($240 foreign) 2.5pounds = 1.09kgs

If you are ordering a hilt and blade to be shipped to an address outside the US, send us an email at with the hilt type, blade length, and destination, and we'll calculate the shipping cost.
When ordering, be sure to specify (PayPal provides for comments to seller)
  • pommel type ('A' or 'VII'),
  • hilt metal finish ('B'lack or 'G'ray),
  • grip stain (unstained, brown, black, or other)
  • blade length (see available options)
  • Please note: If not specified, the defaults are 'VII', gray metal, grip in brown stain, and middle of range blade length.