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The above is a photo of our katana. These are made with an 11 inch long wood grip, steel guard (tsuba), and steel grip band and butt cap. Blades may be ordered straight or slightly curved, in lengths from 30 inches up to 40 inches. Extra curve can be added for an additional charge of $10. A matching dagger hilt may be found by following the link to our Tanto page.

If you are ordering a hilt and blade to be shipped to an address outside the US, send us an email at with the hilt type, blade length, and destination, and we'll calculate the shipping cost.
Prices are as follows:
  • Katana hilt & Alchem flat tang blade (any finish) $195 US ($190 foreign) 2.2pounds = 1.0kgs
  • Add extra curve to your blade $10 US
When ordering, be sure to specify (PayPal provides for comments to seller)
  • Metal finish ('B'lack or 'G'ray),
  • Grip color (Black or other),
  • Blade length,
  • Please note: If not specified, the defaults are gray metal & natural wood, 36 inch.