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The above is a photo of a common historical variant of an estoc with a ten inch long Northern European grip. This is two handed and is an early type. The blade can have a length of up to 43 inches. With our longer blades, the pommel is our large 1 3/4 inch diameter 12 ounce ball. Our estoc has an 11 3/4 inch long cross guard. The slightly S shaped guard is bent in a plane 90 degrees to the blade, like a more open version of a katzbalger. This hilt is available on our Alchem rectangular rod tang schlager/rapier blade.

Price is as follows:
  • Long grip estoc hilt alone (any finish, or guard shape) $115 US ($110 foreign) 1.55pounds = 0.70kgs
    To US To Canada Other Countries
  • Long grip estoc with Alchem rectangular rod tang 43" max blade (any finish, or guard shape) $180 US ($175 foreign) 2.38pounds = 1.08kgs
    To US
If you are ordering a hilt and blade to be shipped to an address outside the US, send us an email at with the hilt type, blade length, and destination, and we'll calculate the shipping cost.
When ordering, be sure to specify (PayPal provides for comments to seller)
  • finish ('B'lack or 'G'ray).
  • grip finish (black, dark brown, or natural).
  • when included, blade length (36 to 43 inches).
  • Please note: If not specified, the defaults are gray, dark brown grip, 40".
If you prefer the 16 ounce 2 inch pommel (at a charge of an additional $4), click this button: