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The above are photos of our standard crossbows with steel prods. These have an overall draw distance of 13 1/2 inches from a 4 1/2 inch string brace at rest, giving a string travel of 9 inches. Our crossbows are available in draw weights of from 60 pounds up to 120 pounds and come with two modern Dacron B50 strings for reliability. When using a prod with a draw weight in excess of 90 pounds best results will be obtained with 11/32 inch diameter shafts and heavy points.

The design in the photo on the left, our "skane" model, is based on an original in the collection of the Schweizerisches Landesmuseum (National Museum Of Switzerland), Zurich. It dates from the 14th century. Bows of this type were still being used in Scandinavian countries in the 19th century to hunt sea mammals. Our reproduction utilizes the same simple, reliable, and fool resistant push up release mechanism. The wooden stock and lever are unstained oak, while the prod, stirrup, bow irons, and bolt stop are heat blued steel. The example in the photo unlike the original incorporates a 1/2 inch deep bolt groove and can shoot 120 degree angled three fletched bolts in addition to the 180 degree two fletched projectiles. This is the default. It is also available with the more appropriate V shaped bolt groove for use with two fletched projectiles.

The design in the photo on the right is our thumb release "Machtmeister" model and is based on a mostly wood French crossbow from the 11th Century in Austria. Our reproduction substitutes a forged iron release lever in place of the antler original and a steel prod in place of the yew wood original. We have also added an iron stirrup to simplify spanning which is not present on the low poundage example in the photo above. The wooden stock is available in unstained ash or oak while the steel parts have been heat blued and treated to prevent rust. The stock in this example is ash. Like the original the prod on this crossbow is cord bound with waxed hemp. This example has the medieval V bolt groove between the rails, but is also available with the 1/2 inch deep groove for use with 120 degree angled three fletched bolts. The 1/2 inch deep groove is the default.

When ordering, allow up to 6 weeks for assembly, testing, boxing, and shipping.

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Prices are as follows:
  • Alchem reproduction Skane model crossbow $270 US ($265 foreign) 5.00pounds = 2.30kgs
  • Alchem reproduction Machtmeister model crossbow $270 US ($265 foreign) 5.00pounds = 2.30kgs
  • Replacement string $15 US ($15 foreign)
If you are ordering this item to be shipped to an address outside the US, send us an email at with the destination, and we'll calculate the shipping cost.
When ordering, be sure to specify (PayPal provides for comments to seller)
  • Preferred draw weight,
  • Bolt groove V shaped or 1/2 inch deep slot,
  • Oak or Ash,
  • Please note: If not specified, the default will be approximately 100 pounds, 1/2 inch slot, oak.