Smallsword Hilts

Smallsword Hilts




In the above photo you will see an example of our smallsword hilt. These are often referred to as civilian or court swords, since they were worn around town or on formal occasions. This is mounted on one of our blades, and may also be fitted to an epee. Smallswords appeared in the late 17th century and were popular throughout the 18th century. Our hilts may be purchased unbladed, or mounted on any rod tang blade. This design consists of a knuckle guard, and a pair of annallet (finger rings) protected by filled and pierced flat shells. The annalet is large enough to accomodate one finger. We have optional smaller annalets which are used simply to give edge control. The shells may be ordered in either the pappenheimer or mercenary (hearts and spades) piercework.

Additional information

Weight 1.88 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 7 × 7 in

Pappenheimer, Mercenary

Hilt finish

Black, Gray

Grip finish

Brown, Custom

Blade type

No blade – $105, Rectangular up to 38" rod tang light schlager/rapier blade – $180, Rectangular up to 37" rod tang light broadsword blade – $180, Rectangular rod tang up to 43" blade – $190

Blade length 29" - 43"