Alchem Inc General Ordering Information
314 East 195th St.
Euclid, Ohio 44119
. Acknowledgement Of Orders: If you pay via PayPal and receive an acknowledgement from them, you can be sure we are processing your order. If you require an estimated shipping date or other information, this can be requested via e-mail or at the time you order using PayPal's comments to seller.

Assembly: Many products listed on this page require cutting, machining, and assembly prior to shipping. This generally takes from two to four weeks from the time your order is received. Some products may require more time since large orders can deplete a portion of our inventory. If you require a product by a particular date, e-mail us prior to ordering for an estimate of processing time. Please note that we provide only "an estimate" of time required. We are metalsmiths and not prognosticators of the future. If you require a more accurate estimate of shipping date, we recommend you consult a fortune teller.

Availability: Delays in assembly and shipping may occur due to parts being out of stock. If you require a product by a particular date, e-mail us prior to ordering to assure that all necessary parts are on hand. Customers who incorporate our parts into products for resale should be aware that we frequently sell out of popular items.

Contact: Questions should be submitted via e-mail. A link is provided above. We can answer general questions about our products within a day. Answers to questions about existing orders may require several days, since we may have to wait to hear from parts suppliers. If necessary, you may reach us by phone at (216)313-8674 between the hours of 11:00am and 11:00pm EST.

Hours Of Operation: We are open most week days from 11:00am until 10:00pm EST. We occasionally work through the week ends. We are closed the last week of July and the first week of August for vacation.

Prices On Shipments Within The US: All prices are in US dollars. Quoted prices include local tax and shipping for orders from Ohio and other parts of the United States.

Prices On Shipments Outside The US: Foreign customers use the lower price (not including postage) and add international shipping charges. Look here to calculate the Global Parcel Air charges. If you order using the PayPal buttons, the shipping cost will be added automatically.

Payment On Shipments Within The US: Payment may be in the form of a personal check, money order, or credit card via PayPal. We are unable to take credit card payments over the phone.

Payment On Shipments Outside The US: Foreign customers must pay by international money order (drafts) in US dollars available at most banks or post offices, or by credit card via PayPal (where available). We are unable to take credit card payments over the phone. Cash is acceptable if payment is in US currency. We cannot accept personal checks issued by banks outside the US. Additionally, we cannot be responsible for import duties, taxes, and related fees. Foreign customers should contact their local customs departments for these rates prior to ordering.

Rush orders: Some items can be assembled and shipped within a few days of receipt of an order. This depends on our current work load and availability of parts.

Shopping Cart Shipping Charges: If a Canadian customer or a customer in another foreign country uses the PayPal shopping cart buttons, the shipping charge for that item will be included. If you order a second or third item, more shipping charges may be added. It is very difficult for us to guess what items a customer will order. Therefore when using the shopping cart buttons you may be overcharged due to additional unnecessary shipping charges. If this happens, we shall return the excess shipping charges via a PayPal partial refund.