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The above is a photo of our popular Safeflex model 15/6 fencing dagger blade. These currently consist of a spring steel blade insert welded into the socketed tang. Since the inserts are added after heat treating, it is possible to order blades with the forte ends shortened. Blades are therefore available in lengths from the standard 18 inches, down to 15 inches. Inserts are replaceable, but broken or otherwise damaged blades need to be returned to us for proper assembly and welding. Our Safeflex model 15/6 fencing dagger blades have a maximum flex force of 15 pounds and a flex force of 6 pounds. Be sure to specify what blade length you prefer when ordering. If not specified, the default is the full 18 inch length. Safeflex dagger blades are 1 1/8 inches wide at the shoulder of the tang and taper to 1/4 inch at the rolled tip. The 6 1/4 inch long overall tang consists of a 5/16 by 5/16 inch by 1 inch long neck, a 1/4 inch diameter by 3 1/8 inch long rod, and a 7/32 inch diameter by 2 1/8 inch long end threaded 6x1 metric. For information regarding the stiffness of blades click on the following link to the blade testing page. Dagger blades, hilted or unhilted, are shipped without rubber or plastic tips. Rubber bird blunts may be ordered separately. For loose blunts, follow the link to the left to the long blade page.

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Above is a photo of our Safeflex two part model 15/6 dagger blade prior to welding. Replacing a blade insert costs $30 including welding.
Prices are as follows:
  • Complete unhilted Safeflex 15/6 dagger blade $55 US ($51 foreign) .35pounds = .16kgs
    To US To Canada Other Countries
  • Safeflex 15/6 dagger blade insert and welding $30 US .17pounds = .08kgs
    To US
  • Extra Loose Steel Pommels 1 inch ball (2.2oz, 63gm) $10 US. Foreign customers should e-mail us regarding ordering. Be sure to specify finish (B)lack or (G)ray. To US