Alchem Fencing Dagger Blade Maintenance
314 East 195th St.
Euclid, Ohio 44119
(216) 313-8674
Our syandard model 15/6 fencing dagger blades now come with an easily removable blade insert. The inserts are a press fit and are prevented from vibrating out of their socket by a low temperature hot melt glue. To remove an insert, simply warm the blade shoulder block with a heat gun or low temperature flame. A gas flame or candle will suffice. As you heat the shoulder block, wiggle and pull the blade out of the socket. To reinsert the blade or to insert a replacement, reverse the process. Once the base of the insert has been pressed into the socket as far as it will go, apply more heat, grasp the forte of the insert with both hands and pound the pommel end of the tang against a hard wooden surface. Do not pound the end of the tang against metal or stone since the pommel or threades may be damaged. Most inserts will seat all the way into the base of the socket. However, a small gap of less than 1/8 of an inch is acceptable. Inspect your dagger blade every few months or before heavy use to insure that the insert is properly seated. If not properly maintained, some inserts may work their way out over time.