Lake Erie Alphabetical Shipwreck Index

The following is an alphabetical index of all major shipwrecks on Lake Erie from the earliest recorded sinking to the present. Please note, this index does not include every accident and collision, nor does it mention the innumerable incidents involving small pleasure boats and private yachts, but rather those disasters which befell commercial vessels resulting in total or near total loss.

We have included losses involving boats which were subsequently removed. Wherever possible salvage of the wreck will be noted. The reason for these inclusions is to dispel the many myths which arise concerning lost shipwrecks, where the vessels involved were in fact raised and removed and sometimes repaired and returned to service.

Also, it must be noted that many of these wrecks involved vessels running ashore where they broke up. In these cases little if anything of the wreck would survive considering the nature of the weather along these coasts. Any remains on a beach or sandbar would likely be pulverized over time by wave action. Portions of remains in deeper water which protruded from or reached near the surface would eventually be ground off by the action of winter ice flows. Only those vessels which sank in relatively deep water and away from harbors and shipping lanes are likely to remain in place and be somewhat intact.

For a description of the below listed vessels see the four text files associated with the detailed sectional maps marked A, B, C, & D. The key is as follows: Name-of-vessel (sectional-map position-number)


A A Cornwell (A31), Abbey (B30), Abernethy (A51), Abyssinia (D179), Acme (D190), Acorn (A2), Acorn (B94), Ada Medora (D173), Adam Shuman (D118), Adelaide (B127), Admiral (B91), Advance (A47), Adventure (A58), Agnes E Marsilliot (C195), Agnes L Potter (B202), A G Ryan (Lake Ontario), Aimie (D120), A H Newbold (D191), Alabama (C99), Alameda (B78), Aldebaran (A32), Aletha B (B127), Algeria (B88), A L Hazelton (B92), Alice Grover (B223), Alpena (A22), Alton (A48), Alva B (B82), Alvah S Chisholm (A228), Alzora (C144), Amaretta Mosher (A11), Amelia (C99), America (B54), American Champion (B226), American Eagle (B88), American Eagle (A13), American Eagle (C99), American Sailor (D169), American Scout (D161), Amity (C227), Andes (C104), Ann (C146), Annabell Wilson (D166), Annett Davis (C211), Annie Laurie (D193), Annie P Dorr (D163), Antelope (A36), Anthony McCue (D163), Anthony Wayne (B67), Anzac (C225), Arabian (B223), Argo (A224), Argyle (C222), Ariadne (B221), Ariel (D192), Armenia (A52), Asa Covell (B202), A Scott (B66), Ashtabula (C110), Atlantic (C93), Atlantic (C194), Atlantic (D174), Atlantis (B28), Atlas (C210), August(a,us) Ford (C99), Aycliffe Hall (C142)

Badger (D190), Baltic (C216), Balti(c, n) (C195), Barge #3 (C216), Barge #4 (C216), Barge #104 (B88), Bay City (A213), Bay City (C198), Bay City (D120), B B McColl (D192), Beatrice (C211), Beaver (B64), Belle Mitchell (C141), Ben Franklin (C99), Benjamin Barton (C114), Bertie Crowell (A61), Betty Hedger (D161), B F Bruce (C211), Black Marlin (B201), Black Rover (B88), Boxer (C105), Bradstreets Landing (B86), Brandywine (D161), Britannia (B202), British Lion (C216), British Lion (D119), Briton (D188), Brown Brothers (C146), Brunswick (D170), B S Shepard (B221), Burlington (C197), B W Parker (B88), Byron Trerice (B226)

Cadet (C197), California (A8), Cambria (D192), Canada #2 (A16), Canobie (C182), capstan wreck (B26), Captain K (C219), Cardinal (B73), Carlingford (D186), Carole Sue II (C113), Caroline A Bemis (B79), Carrie H Blood (A213), Case (A44), Caspian (B203), Cataract (C139), C B Benson (D184), C B Lockwood (C101), C B Wallace (A13), C D #2 (B126), Celtic (B29), C F Burton (B66), C F Mischler (C116), C G Breed (C107), C G King (B64), Champion (A212), Charger (A13), Charles A Trinter (C116), Charles B Hill (C106), Charles B Packard (A42), Charles Foster (C116), Charl(es ie) Gale (A51), Charles H Burton (D160), Charles H Davis (B202), Charles Reed (C116), Charles Spademan (A11), Charter (C104), Chattanooga (see below 2), Chenango (D119), Chesapeake (C114), C H Hutchinson (D184), Chicago (C145), Chicago (D192), Chicago (D168), Chicago Board Of Trade (A8), Chief Justice Marshall (D161), Choctaw (C132), C H Plummer (A49), Citizen (C99), City Of Buffalo (B202), City Of Buffalo (D192), City Of Concord (B62), City Of Detroit (D169), City Of Dresden (C135), City Of London (B221), City Of Oswego (C231), City Of Rome (D157), City Of Sandusky (C195), City Of Venice (C148), C K Nims (A34), Clarence LeBeau (A13), Clarion (B71), Cleveco (C96), Cleveland (A7), C L Hutchinson (D184), Clifton (B79), Clough (C232), Clyde (D179), C (M or N) Johnson (A32), Coaster (B27), C O D (C133), Colonel Cook (B82), Colonial (B125), Colonial (D165), Columbian (D171), Columbus (A208), Columbus (D163), Comely (D188), Comet (D170), Commerce (D180), Commodore (B79), Commodore Chauncey (D184), Commodore Perry (see Oliver H Perry), Concord (C196), Conductor (C144), Conemaugh (B205), Conestoga (A43), Constitution (A208), Constitution (C197), Consuelo (A48), Contest (A23), Convoy (C114), Convoy (C198), Coquette (A47), Cornell (see below 4), Cornwall (A31), Cossack (B88), Courtland (B68), Cracker (D177), Craftsman (B201), Crevola (C197), C Rich (A60), Crooked Creek Artifact (C114), Cupid (A19), Cuyahoga (see below 3), C W Elphicke (C144), C W Wells (A7)

Dacotah (D171), Dahlia (C133), Daisy (B80), Dalhousie Rover (D192), Daniel D Perry (D192), Dan Kuntz (B88), Dan Marble (C227), Dauntless #12 (D192), David Foster (C116), David G Thompson (D180), David Morris (B53), David Sharp (C219), David Stewart (B53), Dayton (D163), Dean Richmond (D158), Delight (see below 14), D E McFarland (D184), Derrick (D168), Detroit (D119), Detroit (see below 1), Dewitt Clinton (D163), D Foster (C198), Dictator (C140), Dinah (C143), Dixie (C110), D L Filer (A33), Dominion (B25), Donaldson (B202), Dorothy May (B131), Dredge #2 (see below 5), D.R.L.C.#2 (B123), Duke Luedtke (B90), Duncan Stewart (B92), Dundee (B92), Dundurn (C110), Dupuis #10 (D188), D W McCall (C198)

Eagle Wing (A32), E C Williams (C116), Eau J, E Cohen (D172), Edward Kelley (D186), E Fitzgerald (C138), E G Benedict (C198), E G Merrick (B66), Eldorado (D120), Eli (C107), Eli Bates (C111), Eliza Caroline (C106), Eliza R Turner (C136), Ellen O'Brien (D192), Ellen White (B85), Elliot (C200), Elm City (???), Embury (D192), Emigrant (B84), Emily (C145), Emily B Maxwell (B88), Emma Blake (B88), Emma Dietrich (D184), Empire (A61), Empire (C138), E P Dorr (D162), Erie (A20), Erie (A61), Erie "City Of" (D171), Erie Wave (C135), E S Catlin (C110), Essex (A45), E S Taylor (A213), E (T or J) Peters (D184), Euphrates (A229), Euretta King (D184), Europe (D192), Everett (C198), Evergreen City (C137), E W Dunham (C102), Excelsior (C196), Exchange (A18)

F A Georger (C115), Falcon (B88), Falling Waters (see below 6), Falmouth (D191), Fame (A5), F A Meyer (B127), Fanny (C106), Fanny Dowell (A23), Fanny L Jones (B88), Faustin (A32), Fayette Brown (B73), Ferret (A13), F (H or A) Prince (A59), Fleetwing (C114), Florida (D182), Florida (D180), Forest City (C195), Forester (C199), Fortune (C139), F P Sears (C222), Francis Mills (D120), Frank B Stevens (C107), Frank E Vigor (B129), Franklin (C104), Frank Morris (B27), Free Trader (C132), Fremont (A21), Frontenac (C199), Fulton (A14)

Gallatin (A50), General Burnside (B74), General "George" Dunbar (B55), General Franz Sigel (A6), General Houston (C99), General Q A Gilmore (A49), General Sherman (C210), Genevieve Ryan (C113), George A Floss (B91), George C Finney (D178), George Davis (C198), George Frost (D120), George G Houghton (A213), George H Walker (C106), George J Whelan (D163), George King (D192), George M Able (C198), George M Case (D183), George M Mowbray (C116), George Stone (B75), George W Adams (A38), George Washington (Worthington?) (A36), George Washington (D168), George W Davis (D180), George W Dole (D192), Germania (A21), Gibson (C198), G K Nims (A34), Glad Tidings (C216), Gladwin(yn) (see below 7), Globe (B197), Globe (B53), Golden Fleece (D164), Good Intent (D163), Governor Cushman (D192), Governor Porter (A59), G P Griffith (C97), Grace (B56), Grace G Gribbie (B26), Grace M (A37), Grace (Sherwood or Sherman) (C198), Grace Whitney (A32), Grand Traverse (A36), Grey Ghost (B55), G R Griffin (B82), Groton (B130), Guerierre (A32), Guiding Star (D192), Gulielma (D192)

H A Barr (C149), H A Lamars (C99), Handy Boy (B65), Harbinger (see below 11), Harmon A Chamberlin (B202), Harry Cottrell (A32), Harsen (B24), Hazel R Knight (D192), H B Rathburn (C198), H B Tuttle (A61), H C Thatcher (A13), Helen Marr (D188), Helen Strong (D157), Helliwell (C216), Hendrick Hudson (B88), Henry A Kent (D184), Henry Clay (C144), Henry Wheaton (C146), Herald (C195), H F Merry (D168), H G Cleveland (B87), H H Brown (A21), Hickory Stick (B82), H Langley (A212), Home Rule (D185), Honora Carr (D187), Horace H Badger (B88), Howard S Gerken (D119), H S Fairchild (C144), H S Walbridge (D184), Hugh Coyne (A33), Hunter Wills (D119)

Ida (A17), Idaho (C139), Idaho (see below 10), Ida Keith (A20), Idle Hour (D192), Illinois (B26), Independence (B30), Indiana (A15), Indiana (C114), International (D173), International (D191), Iowa (???), Iron Age (A7), Isaac W Nicholas (B53), Isabella (D180), Isabella J Boyce (A209), Isolde (D120), Ivanhoe (B82)

J A Garfield (A50), J A Hope (C198), James Amadeus (B223), James B Colgate (C128), James Buckley (C217), James F Joy (C107), James H Pellett (B202), James H Reed (C150), James Scott (C144), James Wade (B29), Jane Ralston (A2), Jay Gould (B76), J C Daun (C112), Jefferson (D173), Jenny P King (C136), Jersey City (C143), Jersey City (see 9 below), Jessie Anderson (C136), J G McGrath (D177), J J Carroll (A23), J J Carroll II (C105), J K Lockwood (C140), J L (or J C) Weatherly (B88), J M Lee (D173), John B Breyman (A13), John B Lyon (C113), John F Eddy (A4), John Grant (D119), John Gregory (B88), John J Hill (C99), John H McKerchey (B82), John J Barlum (A60), John J Boland (D159), John Mark (A49), John Porter (C114), John Pridgeon Junior (B84), John Tibbets (C134), John T Johnson (B88), John W Cramer (D192), John Wesley (D190), Jordan Beebe Jr (A212), Jordon Boys (D192), Josephine (A20), Josephine (C198), J R Crowe (B226), J R Sprankle (see below 8), J R Worswick (B202), J S Estabrook (C99), Junior (B88), Junius (C216), J W Doane (D192)

Kate Norton (C143), Kate White (C99), Keepsake (C112), Keepsake (A49), Kelley Island (B27), Kent (C216), Killarney (C95), Kingfisher (B88), King Sisters (A57), K R Johnson (see R R Johnson)

Lackawanna (B88), Lady Of The Lake (C99), Lady Of The Lake (D192), Lady Washington (D192), La Jean Florin (D156), L B Johnson (C99), Leland (A22), Leo (B86), Lewis Ross (B125), Leviathan (C199), Lexington (B64), Lightship #82 (D192), Ligure (???), Lily (B66), Little Belt (D192), Little Wissahickon (B129), Lizzie Harvey (D161), L L Lamb (C105), Lone Star (A20), Loretta (B82), Louisiana (C199), L Shickluna (C143), Lucille (A1), Lycoming (B124), Lydia Mack (C195)

Mabelle Wilson (B88), Macedonian (A43), Mack Jean (B53), Madiera (C145), Magnetic (C137), Majestic (C138), Manhattan (D188), Manzanilla (D163), Maple Leaf (D192), Marengo (D184), Margaret Olwill (B81), Maria Antoinette (A229), Maria F Johnson (C116), Marjon S (C198), Mark H Sibley (B201), Marquette & Bessemer #2 (C149), Marshall F Butters (A57), Martha Freeme (C198), Mary (B88), Mary Jane (C136), Mary McLane (D192), Mary Morton (C144), Mary Of Detroit (B88), Mary Stockton (B88), Massasoit (D192), Maud Preston (A15), Maumee Valley (B56), Maurice B Grover (B88), Mautenee (D157), Maxwell A (C198), May Flower (B27), Mayflower (A19), Mayflower (A36), Mayflower (D191), May Richards (A46), McConnell (C115), M Dousman (D163), Mecosta (B86), Merchant (A20), Merida (C148), Merrimac (C144), Messenger (B53), Meteor (A213), Metropolis (A13), Miami (C139), Michigan (A49), Michigan (C108), Milder (A23), Mineral State (C133), Minnie Mitchell (B226), Missouri (D163), M I Wilcox (A35), (M or O M) Bond (B125), Mocking Bird (C140), M O Keyes (A49), Monarch Of The Glen (A60), Monson (see below 15), Mont Blanc (A32), Montcalm (C144), Morania #130 (D192), Morning Star (C112), Morning Star (B227), Morning Star (C198), Moses And Elias (A10), Mountaineer (B131), Mountain Maid (B30), M P Barkalow (A215), M T Greene (D192), Myra (A1), Myrtie (D192)

Nassau (A32), Nautillus (D228), Negaunee (A21), Nellie A Duff (B82), Nellie Mason (B88), Nevada (C110), New Brunswick (B122), Newburgh (C198), New Connecticut (D161), New Dominion (D180), New Lisbon (C99), Niagara (D175), Nimrod (C233), N J Nessen (B53), N K Fairbanks (D184), N M Standart (C105), North Carolina (C98), North Star (B88), Northern Indiana (B75), Northern Light (C198), Northumberland (C116), Northwest (D192)

Oakland (C114), Oakwood (D192), Ocean (C99), Ogdensberg or Ogdensburg(h)(C100), Ohio (C146), Ohio (C109), Ohio (A13), Ohio (B49), Ohio (D170), Olive Branch (C105), Oliver (B64), Oliver Newberry (A14), Oliver H Perry (D192), Ollie Neville (D157), Omar (B88), O M Bond (B125), O N Chapin (C195), Oneida (D155), Oneida (C116), Opechee (B122), Orient (B205), Orion (C140), Osborne (D185), Osceola (C103), Osceola (D168), Ottawa (C198), Otter (D171), O W Cheney (D189), Oxford (C144)

Pacific (D163), Paddy Murphy (B86), Parrott (C107), Pascal P Pratt (C176), Passaic (D165), Patrick Henry (B66), Paugasset (D163), Paulina (C105), P C Sherman (C144), Pearl (A44), Pelican (C108), Penelope (B201), Pennsylvania (D161), Penobscot (D192), Pensaukee (B88), Pentland (D186), Persian (D175), Peter Smith (C146), Phalarope (B29), Philidelphia (B88), Philena Mills (C106), Philip D Armor (C116), Philip Minch (B69), Philips (submarine) (D174), Philip Walter (B82), Phil Sheridan (D181), Phoenix (B84), Pickle Bills (C99), Picton (B125), Pilot (B226), Pincusville (A21), Plymouth (C102), Portage (C135), President (B91), Prince Albert (C139), Princeton (D163), Protection (A20), P W D 117 (C195)

Queen Of The West (C100), Quickstep (C138), Quito (B82)

Racine (B125), Radiant (see below 13), Rainbow (A47), Raleigh (D186), Ralph Campbell (C144), Raphael (C103), Rapid (B130), R B Hubbard (B88), Rebecca Foster (C138), Red Bird (C106), Red Cloud (A63), Reindeer (B88), Relief (A21), Republic (A21), Resolute (C146), Restless (B86), Riverside (C102), R J Gibbs (A32), R Johnson (C99), R K Hawley (B64), Robert (B125), Robert Bruce (C198), Robert Burns (A44), Robert Fulton (D167), Rob Roy (D120), Rochester (D117), Roland (A9), Rosa Sonsmith (C107), Rosa Stearns (B88), Roy (A6), R P Reidenbach (C107), R R Hefferd (D192), Rush (A213)

Sachem (D163), S A Clark (D192), Sacramento (A49), Saginaw (C195), Salina (D154), Samana (B88), Sampson (A51), Samson (B88), Samson (D192), Sand Merchant (B85), Sandusky (C207), Sandusky (C112), Sandy Pat (D119), Sarah E Hudson (D188), Sarah E Sheldon (B83), Saratoga (C198), Sasco (C99), Saxon (C144), Sciota (D164), S C Walbridge (C97), Sea Bird (B66), Senator Blood (B82), 17 fathom wreck (C207), Shawmut (D192), Shawnee (B88), Shenango #1 (C112), Siberia (C176), Sidney E Smith (C99), Silvanus J Macy (C133), Silver Spray (B88), Simon Langell (A11), Sir C T Vanstaubenzie (C146), Sir S L Tilley (C99), S J Macy (C133), S K Martin (D152), Smith (C146), Smith & Post (B74), S Neff (A23), Sophia Minch (B88), South America(n) (see below 12), Southerner (C107), Specular (B70), St Andrew (D174), Star Of Hope (A23), State Of Ohio (B82), Stern Castle (D174), Steven F Gale (B94), St James (C142), St Joseph (C99), St Lawrence (B82), St Louis (A58), St Louis (D117), St Magnus (B88), Stone Wreck (D186), St Peter (A31), submarine (Philips) (D174), Success (A12), Suffolk (C198), Sultan (C96), Sun (B126), Superior (A63), Surveyor (C110), Swallow (C144), Sweden (C132), Sylph (A46), Syracuse (A15)

Tarry Not (see below 16), Tart(a,i)n (B77), Tartar (B27), Tasmania (B72), Tecumseh (D173), Telegraph (C95), Tempest (D119), "the arches" (C146), Theodore Perry (B123), Thomas Free Battle (D214), Thomas Parsons (C99), T H Orton (A61), Timothy Baker (A220), Tioga (A41), T M Moore (A10), Toledo (A9), Toledo (C105), Tom Wrong (C132), Tonawanda (D192), Tracy (D119), Trader (D192), Tradewind (C142), Transfer (B82), Transoil (A13), Troy (D120), Twilight (see below 17), Two Fannies (B87)

Unadilla (B88), Uncle Sam (A49), unidentified (A212), Union (B28), United States (D192), unnamed fishing vessel (C105), U S S Niagara (D120), U S #240 (D184), Utica (D192)

Valentine (C128), Vandalia (B27), Venice (A23), Vermillion (B65), Vermont (C227), Verona (A13), Viola (B64), Virago (A22), Virginia (C146), Visitor (A4), Vulcan (B66)

Wahnapitae (B88), Wahnatma (B88), Walk-In-The-Water (D188), Walter H Oades (B221), W A Moore (B88), Wanderer (C141), Washington Irving (D181), Wasp (C105), Waters W Braman (A23), Waubic (A40), Wave (D180), W C Richardson (D190), Wend The Wave (B73), Wesee (A37), West Shore (D192), White Ster (B75), Wild Rover (C146), William (C105), William Case (A39), William Crosthwaite (A57), William G Keith (C136), William Grandy (C93), William H Stevens (C151), William H Vanderbilt (C176), William M Hatch (B126), William Monteath (C99), William Peacock (D173), William Penn (D119), William Penn (C116), William S Bull (D171), William Vanatta (B75), William Wellhouse (A20), Willis (B204), Winslow (B88), Wiltranco (D173), Wisconsin (A3), W J Suffel (C144), WM Buckley (B88), Wocoken (C140), Wonder (C110), W T Chappell (B80), W W Stewart (D192), Wyandot (D156)

Young America (A49), Young Hickory (C225), Young Lion (C116), Young Phoenix (C144), Young Zion (D168), Yukon (C107)

Zach Chandler (C93), Zephyr (D178)

1 Detroit: Wooden barge of 124 ft wrecked in a storm in 1874, location unknown.
2 Chattanooga: Wooden 3 mast schooner freight barge of 308 ft wrecked in a storm in the fall of 1925, location unknown.
3 Cuyahoga: 2 mast brig or schooner of 121 ft capsized and sank in a white squall in 1856, location unknown.
4 Cornell: Wooden steam propeller tug of 72 ft sank on 12/22/1922 somewhere between Cleveland, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania. Eight lives were lost when the vessel went down while bound for Syracuse, New York. One body was found in an ice encrusted lifeboat on December 26th, 25 miles East of Long Point.
5 Dredge #2: Dredge barge of 403 tons wrecked in a storm on 12/13/1907, location unknown. One life was lost in this accident.
6 Falling Waters: Wooden passenger steamer burned ?/?/1875, location unknown.
7 Gladwin(yn): Wooden schooner of 80 tons foundered in a gale between 1768 and 1771. The entire crew is believed to have died in the incident. Supposedly the vessel's commander refused to take on needed ballast which led to the wreck.
8 J R Sprankle: Steel diesel tug of 59 ft sank in a gale on 11/21/1956 location unknown. The vessel was later salvaged and returned to service.
9 Jersey City: Sank 11/?/1890. Supposedly the entire crew was lost when this vessel disappeared.
10 Idaho: Wooden schooner of 351 tons sank in the lower lock of the Milan Canal.
11 Harbinger: Steam pile driving scow of 56 ft destroyed by fire on 12/9/1928.
12 South America(n): 2 masted schooner of 100 tons Left Buffalo on 10/15/1843 and was never seen again. The vessel and its crew of six are believed to have gone down in a storm. The South America carried a cargo of salt.
13 Radi(a,e)nt: Wooden schooner presumed sank in a storm 11/20/1857 while bound from Toledo, Ohio to the Welland Canal. The entire crew of ten vanished with the vessel. The Radiant carried a cargo of wheat.
14 Delight: Wooden propeller steamer of 47 ft burned 8/??/1899 at Richard's Landing. The only Richard's Landing we can find is located on St Joseph Island near Mackinac.
15 Monson: Wooden schooner sank ?/?/1851 near Port Hope, Ontario. The only Port Hope we can find in the province is located along the North shore of Lake Ontario.
16 Tarry Not: Wooden schooner of 122 ft wrecked ?/?/1860 near Bois Blanc Island. The vessel was later recovered and rebuilt. The only Bois Blanc Island we can find is located in the Straits Of Mackinac.
17 Twilight: Wooden 2 masted schooner of 106 ft destroyed by fire 9/5/1891 at Tyrconnel Dock.

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